Outplacement & Career Transition Support  - specialists in tailored 1:1 programmes.

Operating across south Wales, the south West and the south Coast of England we provide practical, pro-active outplacement and career transition services to individuals "face to face" at all levels. We also offer our services outside of these regions utilising remote, video technology.


We support organisations within the private, public and not for profit sectors with outplacement and redundancy support. The majority of our programmes often occur as the result of a cost reduction, downsizing, a negoitated exit or integration process and we typically handle smaller scale requirements involving between 1-15 employees.


We operate outplacement support programmes across | Cardiff | Newport | Swansea | Bristol | Cheltenham | Exeter | Gloucester | Hereford | Bath | Plymouth | Portsmouth | Reading | Salisbury | Southampton | Basingstoke | Swindon | Taunton | Trowbridge |Worcester| Yeovil| UK wide|



  • All of our consultants are outplacement specialists, experienced career coaches or HR professionals.
  • Our aim is to offer a first class service which combines our expertise in understanding the employment marketplace with our proven track record of supporting individuals in modern jobsearch techniques.


We seek to provide flexible and pro-active guidance for all levels of employees by combining a personable and tailored service with high quality impartial individual advice from our highly experienced specialists.


Recent Projects include:-


Wolverhampton – Following a strategic decision to dispose of part of their business; supported a major UK retailer with on-site tailored 1:1 support for circa 25 Head Office based employees. 


Cheltenham -  As a result of a business transformation plan, supported a niche software development business with tailored on site 1:1 support for 18 employees.


Cardiff - Provided tailored 1:1 outplacement support programmes for a team of 5 employees whose roles were becoming redundant within a progressive Housing Association.


Cardiff - Following a restructuring within a leading Housing organisation, provided 1:1 outplacement support programmes for senior leaders.


Cardiff/ Newport / Swansea / Gloucester / Bristol / Bath /  Exeter – Ongoing delivery  of bespoke 1:1 tailored outplacement support programmes for managers and executives within the private sector, public sector and not for profit organisations.



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Many of our clients have realised the positive effect and business benefits that can be derived from providing outplacement support to employees that have been affected by a redundancy:-



  • Providing support to departing employees demonstrates to those that are retained that the organisation really does care about their welfare. This in turn leaves the employers reputation intact and can also  improve morale during the period of any change process.
  • Assisting the affected individual with tailored outplacement support helps to turn their situation from a negative to a positive one, full of opportunity for future career development, self employment or entrepreneurship. 
  • Research shows that departing staff are less likely to seek legal redress against their employer when provided with outplacement support as part of a redundancy severance package. Such employees are more likely to feel their efforts, achievements and contributions to their employer (often over many years) have been recognised and appreciated.


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We appreciate that for many individuals, coming to terms with a redundancy situation or having your position deemed to be "at risk" is to say the least, an unsettling position to be in. If you do find yourself in this situation, please do not hesitate to contact us in confidence.


We have experience at supporting individuals at all levels of seniority and who find themselves affected by many diffent situations; from those who have been affected by a major re-organisation programme to those who are negotiating their exit through a "settlement agreement".


Whatever the reasons, we offer a personalised 1:1 offering which helps you to manage the transition and achieve your full potential, by guiding you through a programme that will:-


  • Develop your self-awareness
  • Provide focus and direction
  • Build confidence
  • Understand the job market
  • Develop a career strategy
  • Achieve results


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Commited to improving your career prospects

Individual Career Transition Support

We offer personalised support to individuals at all levels to find their feet in the current job market. We recognise that each person has different needs, circumstances and skills in job search. 


Programme content is tailored to fit your requirements and budget for high quality 1:1 support, delivered face to face at a location that works for you.


If you role is currently at risk or you are exiting your employer through a settlement agreement, please do not hesitate to contact us in confidence on 01656 856200 or email david@purplehat.co.uk

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