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Our clients realise the positive effect and business benefits that can be derived from providing outplacement support to employees that have been affected by a redundancy:-


  • Providing support for departing loyal employees demonstrates to those that are still there that their employer  really does care about their welfare and well being. This in turn leaves the employers reputation intact and can also improve morale and support retention during the period of any change process.
  • Assisting the affected individual can often help to turn their situation from a negative to a positive one, full of opportunity for future career development, self employment or entrepreneurship. 
  • Research shows that departing staff are less likely to seek legal redress against their employer when provided with outplacement support as part of a redundancy severance package.
  • Such employees are more likely to feel their efforts, achievements and contributions to their employer  have been recognised and appreciated.


We recognise that whilst some redundancy programmes are well planned for, others can often impact at short notice. We appreciate that there is often uncertainty about the exact numbers and seniority of employees who might require or indeed take up the offer of outplacement support.


We understand this and adopt a personal and pro-active approach to meeting the needs of organisations within the public, private & voluntary sectors in South Wales and the South West. Our team was brought together to meet this requirement and encompasses highly experienced professionals within the fields of human resources, outplacement, recruitment, training & counselling.


Our services are affordable (we operate a simple fee structure), cost effective, highly responsive and often delivered for companies who have a limited budget. That doesn't mean that we cut corners - we offer transparent support and straight forward advice that gets results. We also constantly evaluate are services to ensure that they deliver exceptional quality standards and meet the objectives that you as our client require.



  Our services include:-


  • Managing the transition
  • Assistance with communications to the workforce
  • Pre-Support programmes for those identified as being "at risk"
  • Coaching for 1:1 support
  • Senior outplacement programmes
  • Career planning, guidance & development
  • On site support
  • Remote support facilities
  • Initiatives to help the remaining employees 


We firmly believe in offering outplacement support for organisations of all sizes and from a single individual requirement through to a larger group. We offer a flexible, bespoke service that is tailored to your needs and budget.


We will normally provide you with a detailed quotation for support within 24 hours of your initial enquiry and are usually able to start delivering outplacement services within a few days of agreeing the contract.


We are convinced that the skills, experience, passion and commitment of our coaches, combined with the flexibility of the Purple Hat approach, will enable your employees  to develop the pro-active approach required to make the right next move.


Recent Case Studies:-


A selection of some of our recent outplacement assignments:


Client – A south Wales based Housing Association, undergoing a planned period of organisational transformation.


Requirement – Asked by the HR team to provide 1:1, tailored outplacement support for those individuals affected (redundancy & settlement agreements). Functions included Finance & specialist housing staff, income & recoveries – generally lower/mid management & specialists.


Approach – Upon briefing details from the client, arranged to meet the affected individuals (mostly long serving) at locations suitable to the affected employees in south Wales. Provided support with any physiological issues, coming to terms with the exit, build rapport/trust, break down any barriers, confidence building. Identified transferable skills, provided tailored advice to individuals on how to get organised, signposting, React II. CV review, LinkedIn, Job Alerts, CV uploads, Recruitment Agents, On Line Application Forms, Selection Methods, Interview Coaching, and Assessment Centres.


Client – A merger between two household name businesses, resulting in an ongoing integration process with headcount reductions at respective HQ’s in south Wales and the Midlands, as well as UK wide 1:1 support.


Requirement – Asked by the HR Director & Head of HR Shared Services for the newly merged business to provide 1:1, tailored outplacement support for those individuals affected (redundancy & settlement agreement). Functions affected included Finance, Brand Management / Marketing, Training, IT and territory / sales account management. Support was also provided to Board Level Executives, Divisional Directors & General Managers. As an indicator support was provided to approximately 25 individuals over the 12 month period.


Approach – Upon briefing details from the client, arranged to meet the affected individual at a UK location suitable to the affected employee. In accordance with agreed budget, provided support on coming to terms with the exit, building rapport/trust, breaking down any barriers, advice on getting organised, signposting, CV review, LinkedIn, job alerts, CV uploads, recruitment agents, consultancy options, interim work, short & long term objectives, time management, action plans, & interview coaching.


Client – An international steel producer, who had decided to close its’ South Wales, based branch operation/depot.


Requirement Asked by the UK HR Director – Distribution Division, to provide 1:1, tailored outplacement support for a long serving group of 15 individuals over an 8 week period. Employees affected ranged from shop floor operatives, supervisors, administrators, sales staff and the Regional Manager.


Approach – Conducted an initial “introduction session” to the group as a whole, addressing collective concerns & and providing an outline of the services available to them. Conducted initial on site, short sessions with all individuals affected to discuss any immediate concerns that they might have and utilised structured questions to better understand their needs, IT skills and level of understanding of job search techniques. Information obtained was summarised and recommendations were presented to the UK HR Director on a fully budgeted, planned programme of support.


Over the following 8 weeks, 1:1 individual meetings were undertaken on site with a variable number of sessions across a number of related topics. A heavy emphasis was placed on CV writing, utilising job boards, recruitment agencies, speculative applications and personalised interview coaching.


Client – A National Housebuilding Company, compromising the exit of a Regional Construction Director through a “settlement agreement”.


Requirement – Approached directly by the individual affected who had been provided with an outplacement budget by his employer.


Approach – Upon discussing individual requirements, engaged to provide “1:1” face to face support for a long serving Construction Director who was close to retirement. Met with the individual for 3 sessions with a strong focus on executive CV preparation, skills based CV, LinkedIn profile & networking, executive search consultancies, business start-up & signposting, development of consultancy offering to the independent house building sector, work with developing business plans, marketing materials & pricing.

Facing redundancy or your role is "at risk"?

Outplacement & Career Transition Support

We offer personalised outplacement support for individuals at all levels of seniority in order to help you find direction in the current job market. We recognise that each person has different needs, circumstances and skills in job search. 


The content and topics covered in your programme are always tailored to meet with your requirements for high quality support.


If you role is currently "at risk" or you are considering a negotiated exit from your employer, please contact us in confidence on 01656 856200

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