What is Outplacement and Career Transition support?          


For many individuals, coming to terms with a redundancy situation or having your position deemed to be "at risk" is to say at  least, an unsettling position to be in. If you do find yourself in this situation, please do not hesitate to contact us in strict confidence.


Whatever the reasons or situation you find yourself in, we are here to help and can offer you a personalised 1:1 offering which helps you to manage the transition and achieve your full potential, by guiding you through a programme that will:-


  • Develop your self-awareness
  • Provide focus and direction
  • Build confidence
  • Understand the job market
  • Develop a career strategy
  • Achieve results


You may be thinking about using a career or outplacement consultant for the first time. We have included some guidance which might be helpful, but please feel free to call us on 01656 856200 to discuss your circumstances and potential support options.


Frequently Asked Questions


I’m concerned about my own stability, my company has just been taking over and I have been told my position is at risk, what should I do?


It's only natural that you will be experiencing a range of emotions at this time, but try not to panic! One of the first things to do is to check where you stand and know your rights if/when being made redundant. You will need to start to plan for uncertainty, but make sure you consider all options for suitable alternative employment before deciding on your own plan for your future.


The worst has happened  and my position has become redundant – what should I do?


We appreciate that this likely to be a difficult time for you, but don't worry you’ll have lots of support around you. Make sure you clearly understand your redundancy package and enquire whether your employer is prepared to offer outplacement assistance for you. 


Depending upon how long you have spent with your current employer you may find that the jobs market has changed since the last time you were job hunting. It is essential that you develop a pro-active approach to your job search.

Will my employer pay?

For many of our clients, their employer typically deals with us directly to deliver the required outplacement support, although sometimes you may receive a financial amount from your employer to spend with a outplacement provider of his or her choice.


I require something different - can you still help me?


One of the strengths of our business is the expertise within the team to offer you a responsive and flexible approach in order to meet your needs. You might be a senior executive looking for more intensive support, perhaps you only require support in a key area or would possibly  benefit from longer term support.Whatever your requirement, please do get in touch


Can you provide support remotely or does it have to be face to face?


Yes, although the vast majority of our clients really appreciate and derive substantial benefits from face to face meetings, we also offer tailored sessions via Teams / Zoom etc.



What does a typical programme look like?


A typical support programme includes an agreed number of tailored support sessions. These can be conducted on a "face to face" basis at a convenient location that works for you, remotely using digital technology or if you prefer a combination of both! 


Full remote support is also available to you between these sessions we'll also provide you with relevant templates and other helpful job search information documents for the duration of your programme. We aim to tailor the emphasis of your support programme to support you to take control of your future, providing you with independent personalised practical advice, encouragement and support to help you keep motivated with your job search.


As a guide, session topics might include some of the following:-  



Getting Organised 

  • Personal stocktaking
  • Managing the psychological effects
  • Reviewing options
  • Practical steps & signposting
  • Career advice & direction
  • Overview of the recruitment marketplace
  • CV review / Preparation
  • Time Management & plan for action


Job Search Strategy  

  • Job search techniques
  • Using Job boards effectively
  • LinkedIn - profile development, research & use of site
  • Seeking opportunities & job applications
  • The hidden job market
  • How to use recruitment agencies effectively
  • Condidering interim, consultancy or "start up"
  • Effective online and face to face networking
  • Targeted speculative approaches
  • Internet Strategies for job seeking


Selection & Interview Technique

  • Personalised coaching & guidance
  • The employers' perspective
  • Employer selection techniques
  • Personal Interview Tcoaching
  • Understanding competency based questions
  • Assessment centres & psychometric testing
  • Evaluating & managing the offer 
  • Handling rejections & remaining focused


At Purple Hat we provide a highly personable and flexible service based upon meeting your needs and in encouraging pro-activity. We understand recruitment, the local recruitment market, who the major players are, and can offer insight with insight into who is expanding and where your skill set / experience might fit.

We'll spend time getting to know you, listening to your needs, undertanding your personal circumstances and helping you in meeting your objectives. We would normally expect to meet with you for your first session with 5 working days, but also recognise that for some, you might wish to "take stock"  before deciding on what's next.


We'll always agree the frequency of the session meetings with you and you certainly won't be abandoned over the course of your programme!  Please contact us on 01656 856200 to discuss your situation and to find out more about the type of support that could be made available to you. You'll also find that in many cases employers are willing to fund the costs of a programme.

Facing redundancy or your role is "at risk"?

Outplacement & Career Transition Support

We offer personalised outplacement support for individuals at all levels of seniority in order to help you find direction in the current job market. We recognise that each person has different needs, circumstances and skills in job search. 


The content and topics covered in your programme are always tailored to meet with your requirements for high quality support.


If you role is currently "at risk" or you are considering a negotiated exit from your employer, please contact us in confidence on 01656 856200

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